Our Highland Coo's

Here at Robertson's Farm, we have our beautiful red-haired Highland Cow and our traditional black Highland Cow!


If you want to say hello and snap a pic of Katie-Morag and Jamie, pull in to our car park and have a wee word with us in the shop - just so we know who's here - and we can answer any coo questions too! 

Or if you can't make it in this time, give them all a wave from the car... they love seeing the cars go by!


Jamie Mackenzie Fraser

Jamie Fraser is very special as he is an orphan, he came from the same farm that we adopted Katie Morag from. He loves all the attention he gets from our visitors and his favourite time of day is dinner time! Jamie is learning from his big sister just how to pose for a camera and make us all laugh, so please share any photos you get of him with us on Facebook or Instagram!



She's the cheeky one!

She was an orphan, so we took her in as one of our own! 

Katie-Morag can pull some pretty hilarious poses... and she's definitely not camera shy! Snap some pics of Katie-Morag and let us see on Facebook or Instagram! We love seeing our visitors pictures from the farm!

Please Remember

Don't be fooled because we're cute. Please don't touch or feed us unless you have spoken to staff!

Something to remember us by...

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Share Your Photos

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Tag us so we see them! 


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